This is for you if you’re an Introvert!

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The Danger we face. And how to bridge the gap happily!

  • You love to read, be quiet, or simply patter around your place, for hours or days, blissfully unconcerned with fulfilling any social responsibility, i.e. go to a party (shudder).
  • You hate it when people call, or when you have to call someone, and they answer, and you’re actually forced to talk to them.
  • You find being around a lot of people incredibly draining.
  • If yet another person addresses you with: “how-are-you” and “isn’t-this-weather/band/movie-great” and “what-have-you-been-up-to-lately”, you might actually, finally, scream (see above image).
  • You think theater audience participation was invented by the devil, or a horrible, evil sorcerer.

On the upside:

  • You have a keen sense of and attention to detail.
  • You’re highly tuned in and sensitive to your own feelings and those of others, whether expressed or not.
  • Your creativity meter is off the charts.
  • Your “bull shit detector” meter is acute, and doesn’t come equipped with an off button. Ever.
  • You’ve been called an “old soul” ever since you can remember.

If you nod -or even smirk – then yay: Chances are you, like me, are an introvert.

For decades I couldn’t figure out what was “wrong” with me.

As a girl, I got bullied, stalked, and made fun of.

People – teachers, parents, friends, – were forever talking to me, wanting me to participate, get me “out of my own way”, and “draw me out” (yuck).

I was very shy, quiet, and scared. I went to exactly 2 parties in my teens, both a total nightmare.

But I felt like this only when around other people!

Once out in nature or at home, I was happy, felt cozy, free, myself, and at home. I could breathe, think, feel, and do what I needed in order to be happy.

I was really fortunate that I discovered Transcendental Meditation (TM) when I was 20, and learned to meditate. – It was making it to that age that was the tricky bit!

– So, when most of your friends go to parties, play pranks and excel in sports, and all you want to do is hide in your room, read, and pet your cat, it can feel like the world doesn’t understand who you are.

And they don’t.

But you do, and that’s the most important part.

The world needs us introverts!

Many of the world’s greatest artist, thinkers, musicians, singers, composers, architects, and writers were, and are introverts!

The tricky bit is this: How far is going too far, and exclusively inward?

Extroverts easily express themselves throughout their lives. It makes them social, ebullient, jovial, and charismatic.

It feels like they enjoy a great amount of personal freedom and power with all that self expression. – That they could often use a bit more introspection is something we have to live with. 😉

So here is our challenge:

How do we balance our awesome inward tendencies with a physical, yet holistic form of self expression, so our health and emotional well being don’t suffer?

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BEFORE                                     AFTER

You know my story. When I was 32, I found myself standing in Deepak Chopra’s office hearing him say these words: “Ulrike, you have thyroid cancer, an imbalance of the throat chakra, the center of self expression. To heal, you have to learn to speak up, sing, and express yourself.”

I had no choice.

I had to start learning how to sing. I researched and listened to hundreds of opera singers, and figured out from scratch what they are doing with their bodies. Later on, once my son was born, I took voice lessons for 2 years. After that, I sang my heart out on stage and off.

Over the past 25 years I’ve been studying and teaching what I’ve learned.

It is CRUCIAL you have a form of self-expression your whole body, breath, voice, and being are involved in! Even if it’s just for a few seconds a day!

This changes your whole energy. On the subtle, and also on the “gross”, the manifest level of your body.

I’ve outlined this simple, organic system in my book and video training. Especially for non-singers!

“Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds – How to feel so great, You’ll Barely Keep from Jumping Up and Down”.

The Sing Yourself Well Signature System is easy, fun, and it works!

It’ll get you feeling great in your body in a few seconds.

You’ll get the energy an extrovert naturally feels, in a few seconds, all in the comfort of your home, without ever having to encounter another human being – well, except me, on your videos. 😉

Stay tuned for the release of the book in August, the video training in September.

If you want to get VIP alerts to it – “introvert alerts”, then please enter your name & email on the right, and I’ll let you know. As a thank you, I’ll send you a video gift: How to Love Yourself. :)

With this new energy available to you any time, you can continue to be the awesome introvert you are, and the world needs! Plus you’ll be healthier, happier, and more energized.

Stay tuned, – and until then, I’m here for you if you need my immediate help!

Much Love and Light always!

~ Ulrike

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Ulrike Selleck, founder, and, is a holistic Voice Coach, Classical Singer, Author, Performer, Writer, Mother, and Healing Voice Expert with 25 years of experience.


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