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“Singing with Ulrike taught me more in one lesson than I learned in weeks from other teachers.” Phoebe C., Student

“In my time with Ulrike I experienced great expansion of vocal range and the heart. My vocal ability skyrocketed in my time with her. Her bubbly, infectious personality nurtured a safe environment to explore self expression.” Marina McK., 20, performer, singer, actress, mime, dancer, student of film at Maharishi University of Management

» Before my Healing Voice Yoga Skype lessons with Ulrike I felt like my voice was in my throat, totally constricted. I noticed how as I progressed, something seemed to clear and I felt more centered in my body. At the end of my lessons I was singing with an ease in my throat and rest of body that I didn’t know was possible. « C.T., Germany

“Singing with Ulrike taught me more in one lesson than I learned in weeks from other teachers. She gave me clear, concrete steps to follow to continue improving my voice. She helped me tap into a potential I did not know I had. I hope many students find their way to her, because she is the teacher that I would hope for any blossoming singer to have.” Phoebe C., 26, student

»I was feeling stuck, giving myself a hard time, extremely emotional. Couldn’t focus, didn’t have much energy, feeling depressed, no passion. It was costing me joy, time, and ability to let go. My intuition told me I needed help.
I felt the results immediately.
A week or two later I feel like everything I’ve been working towards myself in regards to creating more joy and energy has come to fruition from our one session. It truly helped me to let go and heal something at a deep level I couldn’t do alone.
I have more joy, ease, energy and ability to focus.
Thank you dear Ulrike for our wonderful session.« M.S., Australia

» When I came for my first lesson, I was a mess. I felt shy and insecure about my voice and never thought I had what it takes to perform in front of people. After just these few 10 Healing Voice Yoga lessons, I gained the self-confidence, and naturalness in my body that opened my throat and made it possible for me to sing my first concert. Thanks so much, dear Ulrike! « M.S., IA, USA

“I’m taking lessons with Ulrike Selleck and she is amazing!!! So accomplished and sooo much fun! I LOVE HER!!!” Luca P., Theater Student 

»Thank you for helping me. Your timing was perfect, both Healing Voice Yoga Skype sessions changed my energy, and I felt my body, energy, and even my environment respond favorably immediately! I feel great, stronger and happier.« C.C., Vancouver, Canada
» Ulrike helped me realize my own inner strength and find the courage to break the world record for the longest freestyle rap. This involved improvising vocally for over 10 and a half hours straight. Through her intuitive expert Healing Voice Yoga I was able to perform this feat without fear or anxiety. « L. W., Artist/Performer, Iowa, USA

“I have a smile on my face and feel really grounded. These tools get me feeling so good. They are fabulous for singing, acting, communication, and total life style.” Shannon M., N.Y. City


» This is beautiful, Ulrike, your Aria concert I saw and heard tonight at the Art Walk. It BLEW me away. I know your dharma, if you don’t!! You were 100% in your element. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and explaining our voice in such an understandable and doable way. This is in total harmony with what I saw tonight in you. What style you have!!!! « S.R., W. TX, USA

» Liebe Ulrike, Du bist grossartig! Dein Aria Konzert Auftritt gestern war phantastisch. Du singst nicht nur exzellent, sondern kommst auch als Persönlichkeit gut bei Deinem Publikum an. Das ist Dein Weg. Bitte mach weiter so, Du wirst viele Menschen glücklich machen. « D.P., Germany

» Thank you so very much for the many gifts of your instructional Aria concert performance last night… My family and I thoroughly enjoyed every fascinating, informative, entertaining and life improving minute. My deep respect and appreciation goes out to you for your knowledge and compassionate healing skills and sound/breath mastery. « S.K., Iowa, USA


 » Ulrike’s voice and body workshop is so much more than that–it is an engaging,  motivational message packaged in an enriching way that will empower any student. It is packed with techniques for singing and acting, yet creatively influences one’s livelihood as well.« Kevin Hosbond, Speech and English teacher, IHSSA coach 

» Dear Ulrike, you rock.  Both Healing Voice Yoga classes I felt you were saying just what I needed to hear at this time, and my voice responded accordingly. Plus the creativity flowing from your expert guidance is fabulous.  When you gave the example about the mother lion you looked like a lion in a beautiful way. Merci, danke! « A.K., Iowa, USA

» All the Chinese guys want me to say thank you. We really appreciate all your dedicated coaching. Thank you so much! «  Y. B. China

» Thank you! We learned a lot and had a really happy time practicing with you. «  B. A. China

» Thanks so much for the experience–the students loved it.« Kevin Hosbond, FHS teacher, IA

» I love, love, love your Healing Voice Yoga workshop! I always felt I could use my voice more freely and just didn’t know how. In the two hours with your healing guidance I feel transformed. Not only that my voice is stronger, but I feel so much lightness and groundedness and freedom in my body. It’s as if so many issues that held me back, are gone. Thank you! « L.M. Fairfield, Iowa

For Your personal life changing lesson email Ulrike at UlrikeSelleck@gmail.com

Ulrike Selleck, founder of AllThingsVenus.com, is a Classical Singer, Performer, Writer, Mother, and holistic Voice Coach, with 25 years of experience.


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