It’s Time to Sing Yourself WELL!

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New Release: Sing Yourself Well  

Discover the Healing Power of Your Voice to get you healthier, happier, more confident. Get your 3 free videos here:

Did you know that we use only 20% of our voice and breath in daily life?

What if there’s a connection between using such a tiny fraction of our full voice and all the major health issues we’re facing today?

Depression, anxiety, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure—all are symptoms of a constricted energy!

Hi, I’m Ulrike Selleck, healing voice expert, and author of Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds.

25 years ago I experienced a major health crisis. Dr Deepak Chopra told me then: If you want to heal, you have to learn to sing, speak up, and express yourself!

Whether you’re an introvert, often tired with low energy, get sick too often, are going through a major life crisis, are the over-worked parent of school age kids or teens, or the all-important voice of your business—your voice may just be the forgotten healing instrument you already have to help you feel better in whatever way you need!

Research has shown improvements in energy, health, happiness, lung capacity, and even relationships when we use more of our full voice.

Thankfully, just like you don’t need to be an athlete to use your full body, you don’t need to be a singer to use your full voice!

I’ve put together a free video training for you to introduce you to the power of your own voice. I can’t wait for you to feel the healing power your voice already has! You just have to learn to use it the right way.

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Much Love, Be Well, and Sing Yourself Well

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