It’s Time to Sing Yourself WELL!

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New Release: Sing Yourself Well   Discover the Healing Power of Your Voice to get you healthier, happier, more confident. Get your 3 free videos here: Did you know that we use only 20% of our voice and breath in daily life? What if there’s a connection between using such a tiny fraction of our full…

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This is for you if you’re an Introvert!

Jack Sparrow22

The Danger we face. And how to bridge the gap happily! You love to read, be quiet, or simply patter around your place, for hours or days, blissfully unconcerned with fulfilling any social responsibility, i.e. go to a party (shudder). You hate it when people call, or when you have to call someone, and they…

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Healing Voice Yoga – What is it?


You use your voice daily. You are used to expressing yourself. But do you know that your voice can actually heal you? I created Healing Voice Yoga in 2012 to show you the power of your voice, what happens if you don’t use it – illustrated in my own personal story – and how your…

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The Silent Revolution at the Base of Your Life

Oprah meditating

This has been going on for a while now. Decades really. Ever since Maharishi Mahesh Yogi first started traveling the Western world over 50 years ago, spreading his easy, effortless, and oh-so-desperately-needed Transcendental Meditation (TM), the consciousness of our planet has been slowly transforming. Some of the first “celebrities” doing TM were, of course, the…

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Hi there, It’s Ulrike from Healing Voice Yoga. I am in the midst of transitioning my website. Please excuse the mash up right now. In the meantime please visit my blog at Thanks so much for your patience! Love and Light, ~ Ulrike Ulrike Selleck, multi-passionate founder of and, is a holistic Voice…

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