Calling all Introverts


Are you Feeling shy, hiding away? Not expressing yourself? Feeling down? Having stage fright? Getting hoarse when speaking or singing? Do you want to Feel confident? Feel secure and free? Feel empowered? Overcome performance anxiety? Have a large vocal range? Then you’re in the right place! My Story in short: I was where you are…

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Why Sing


By Ulrike Selleck.   Cranky? Depressed? Low energy? Did you know that most of us use a mere 20% of our voice in daily life? And did you know that your voice literally has the power to change your body, health, mood, energy, and even life span? “Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain…

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Are You the Voice of Your Business?

voice of your business

By Ulrike Selleck. Do you own a business, whether established or start-up? Does the thought of a hall full of potential clients get you happy and excited, – or nervous and anxious? If you’re the voice of your business, you might consider this: Your voice, the way you sound, is crucially important to your life’s…

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The Case for Opera


Think Opera is stodgy, old-fashioned and out of date? Think opera has had its time centuries ago, and is now reserved for a few older, albeit cultured people with lots of money? Think again. – There’s a quiet revolution happening in especially the smaller opera houses of the world stages: Younger people sing their hearts…

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What You can do with Your Voice!

Tray and me (Small)

Just to give you a taste of what you can do with your voice.  😉 Ulrike Selleck, founder of and, is a Classical Singer, Performer, Writer, Mother, and holistic Voice Coach, with 25 years of experience.

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Healing Voice Yoga – What is it?


You use your voice daily. You are used to expressing yourself. But do you know that your voice can actually heal you? I created Healing Voice Yoga in 2012 to show you the power of your voice, what happens if you don’t use it – illustrated in my own personal story – and how your…

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The Silent Revolution at the Base of Your Life

Oprah meditating

This has been going on for a while now. Decades really. Ever since Maharishi Mahesh Yogi first started traveling the Western world over 50 years ago, spreading his easy, effortless, and oh-so-desperately-needed Transcendental Meditation (TM), the consciousness of our planet has been slowly transforming. Some of the first “celebrities” doing TM were, of course, the…

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Was ist eigentlich Healing Voice Yoga?

students German transparent new font cropped small

FÜR DEUTSCHSPRACHIGE FREUNDE, ELTERN, LEHRER UND SÄNGER Hallo, ich bin Ulrike Selleck, Gründerin von Als aktive Sopranistin, Gesangslehrerin, intuitive Heilerin und Mutter freue ich mich Ihnen davon zu erzählen, was Hunderte meiner Gesangsschüler und Klienten erfahren haben: Und zwar, dass Ihre Stimme Ihr Leben positiv verändern kann. Und das innerhalb von ein paar Minuten!…

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How to Have Happy Little Chattering Monkeys


Looking for a safe, playful, and easy way to ensure your kids are healthy and happy, and make good choices? In my upcoming book and video training “Holy Monkey Chatter – Happy Kids in 7 Seconds”  I show you how making sure your kids are free and empowered is only a holler away! Literally. Stay…

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New Column Starting in May: Tips from the Voice Studio

From the desk of

By Ulrike Selleck. Clearly, I am heaven-bound on sharing what I know about the effect your voice has on your life, since I write every other post about it. 😉 So I decided to start this Q&A column, where you can ask and find answers to any and all of your burning voice and life…

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